790 บาท


ยี่ห้อ : YAMAHA

รุ่น : MA-200

รายละเอียด : เทปซับเสียงกลองใหญ่ยามาฮ่าออกแบบมาเพื่อลดเสียงโอเวอร์โทน และสร้างเสียงสะท้อนที่แท้จริงซึ่งจำเป็นสำหรับเสียงกลองใหญ่ที่ร่วมสมัย


ขนาดยาว 15 ฟุต


เทปซับเสียงกลองใหญ่ยามาฮ่า YAMAHA MA-200

เทปซับเสียงกลองใหญ่ยามาฮ่าออกแบบมาเพื่อลดเสียงโอเวอร์โทน (Overtones)


Yamaha Sound Impact Strips are designed to eliminate unwanted overtones and create the true resonant tones which are essential for contemporary tonal bass drum sounds. As marching drums are used in both an indoor and outdoor environment, a well-tuned bass drum is necessary to allow for the maximum projection of sound.

All Yamaha Marching Bass Drums, both the 8300 Field-Corps Series and the 6300 Power-Lite Series, come with REMO Smooth White Ambassador drum heads installed. These heads are recommended for marching bass drums as they produce the most desirable fundamental tone and are visually effective in drill patterns.

Bass drums in a set are usually tuned a minor third to a perfect fifth apart to give a feeling of melodic movement between drums. Applying the recommended length of Yamaha
Sound Impact Strips around the perimeter of the bass drum head will help you achieve the sound you desire.

Yamaha Sound Impact Strips are packaged in 15′ rolls which must be cut into various strip lengths depending on the size of the bass drum. Each strip should be centered from the bottom of the drum in an arced or horseshoe shape, one strip per drumhead, and applied to the drumhead next to the hoop.

Depending on the desired pitch of the bass drum, the recommended strip sizes may over-muffle the bass drum. If this is the case, reduce the strip size on each drumhead in small increments until your desired sound is achieved. Complete this final installment of the Yamaha Sound Impact Strips either indoors or outdoors depending upon your ensemble type in order to achieve this process.

We know there are limitless combinations of pitches and tuning variations with endless ways to muffle and dampen. Certainly all will depend upon on your style and personal preference. Carefully planned tuning and dampening are critical to the development of your percussion section and can help increase the musical effectiveness of the entire band and percussion ensemble.